Multi-Room Video

Multi-Room Video Home Automation

Video Distribution

The 8×8 HDMI Matrix Switch from Control4 distributes eight HDMI sources (satellite/cable boxes, Blu-ray, media player, gaming device) to eight video display locations with full high definition clarity. The video sources that connect to the Control4 HDMI Matrix Switch are all stored in a central, out-of-sight location. HD video, audio, internet and control functionality are all made available on every TV or video display in the house via a single Cat 5e/Cat 6 cable and an HD BaseT receiver.


Video Solutions from Control4

Transform any room into a state-of-the-art home theater. Watch TV, access your movie collection, and easily stream films online from your favorite on-demand media provider. Conveniently power-up any video game console using your smartphone, tablet or an easy-to-use remote control. All it takes is one tap to have the shades lower, the lights dim, and the receiver to kick in at the perfect volume and you are ready for pure entertainment.


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Control4 8x8 HDMI Matrix Switch Home Automation


8×8 HDMI Matrix Switch


The Control4® 8×8 HDMI Matrix Switch distributes eight HDMI sources to eight video display locations with full HD clarity. All video sources connect to the HDMI Matrix Switch in a central location, tucked away and out of sight. As an added benefit, wiring and clutter are reduced substantially with HDBaseT distribution of HD video, audio, Ethernet and control over a single Cat-5e/6 cable to each TV location.

Home Automation

HDBaseT Receiver


The HDBaseT Receiver connects to the 8×8 HDMI Matrix Switcher via Cat-5e/6 and outputs HD video, audio, Ethernet and control (IR & RS-232) to a local video display. It can be placed up to 328 feet away from the HDMI Matrix Switcher, making it a convenient way to distribute HD video, audio, Ethernet and control to remote video display locations.

Control4 remote re- charging station Home Automation


SR-250 Remote and Recharging Station


Keep your SR-150 and SR-250 System Remote Controls always charged and ready to control with this low-profile charging cradle which provides hundreds of charge cycles for years of performance. The Recharging Station is available as a charging cradle and battery kit for remotes you already own and as a kit with a charging cradle and an SR-250 or SR-150 if you want to add new remotes to your system.

Control4 SR250_remote Home Automation


SR-250 System Remote Control


This powerful remote lets you control your lights, temperature, movies, shades, music and more from the palm of your hand. Control4 integrates all of your devices into one simple system so you can ditch all of your other remotes and have one truly “universal” control. Use the backlit list navigator to quickly enable commands, or use the remote to control on-screen navigation through your TV. It’s like having a 65” command screen! Custom program favorites buttons to enact your favorite control settings, or use the Watch or Listen buttons for one-touch access to your audio and video entertainment.

Home Automation

SR-150 System Remote Control


Control your entire home automation system with this compact remote. Ditch all the other remotes in your house—this does it all. The SR-150 has all the same features as the SR-250, except for list navigation, and is priced to enable on-screen control for every room in the home.