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Want to change the mood in an instant? Use light to create contrast, focus and depth. While trends in design and décor are ever-evolving, lighting will always play a critical part in creating an inspiring and beautiful room. Whether you’re in a home or in a business, ambiance makes all the difference in the world.

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New Wireless Lighting

Fresh New Design. Stunning Control.

Automated Living integrates lighting with music, shades, locks, climate control, and video—so that with just one touch, the bright possibilities of a smart home are much bigger than just turning on or off a light. Our wireless lighting control line features customized keypads, remote light switches and dimmers, LED backlighting with ambient sensors and are easy to program and personalize to create the perfect scenes and aesthetic for your home. keypad_function Home AutomationControl4 KeypadDimmer_ColorLineup Home Automation

Lighting Products:

Control4 Adaptive Phase Dimmer Home Automation

Wireless Adaptive Phase Dimmer (240V)


This elegant dimmer is compatible with a broad range of dimmable load types including most LEDs, incandescents, halogens, electronic low voltage (solid state) transformers, magnetic (iron core) low voltage transformers, fluorescents, and compact fluorescents. Available in 6 stylish colors and finishes. 120V, 240V, or 277V.

Control4 Home Automation 0-10V-Dimmer Home Automation

Wireless 0-10V Dimmer (240V)


Experience elegant, in-wall control of the increasingly popular 4-wire 0-10V dimmable fluorescent ballasts and LED lights. Available in 6 stylish colors and finishes. 120V/277V or 240V.


Control4 Home Automation Keypad Dimmer Home Automation


Wireless Keypad Dimmer (240V)


Transform a standard light switch or dimmer into a fully customizable keypad and dimmer. This product combines the dimming capabilities of the Control4 Wireless Adaptive Phase Dimmer with the flexibility of the Control4 Wireless Configurable Keypad for truly personalized smart lighting control. Available in 6 stylish colors and finishes. 120V, 240V, or 277V.

Control4 Adaptive Phase Dimmer Home Automation

Wireless Switch (240V)


Get on/off control for virtually every type of load, including LED lights, incandescents, halogens, electronic low voltage (solid state) transformers, magnetic (iron core) low voltage transformers, fluorescents, compact fluorescents, and motors, including ceiling fans and bathroom ventilation fans. The Wireless Switch also handles high in-rush loads such as fountain pumps or large banks of fluorescent lights and can be used to switch wall outlets. Available in 6 stylish colors and finishes. 120V/277V or 240V.


Control4 Puck wireless switch Home Automation

The Control4® Wireless Puck Dimmer and Switch bring smart lighting capabilities to any home without re-wiring for a variety of lighting and load types. Ideal for upgrading existing lights to smart lighting control, these lighting products offer energy management capabilities and advanced lighting control.

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Control4 Panelized Lighting Home Automation

Panelized Solution, Centralized Control

If you’re building from scratch, you might want to consider panelized lighting system, which gives unparelleled management of all lighting in your house. Control of your lighting system is centralized in specialized lighting panels. Because of this, switch and dimmer controls can be minimized to maintain the clean look and feel of your home’s design. This also greatly increase the flexibility and control you can have in both in-wall and screen-based controls.

Control4 8-Port Ethernet Switch (C4-DIN-8ESW-E) Home Automation  Control4 8-Port Ethernet Switch (C4-DIN-8ESW-E) Home Automation  Control4 8-Port Ethernet Switch (C4-DIN-8ESW-E) Home Automation

Elegant Solutions for Sophisticated Projects

Panelized lighting control enables complete, discrete control over residential and commercial lighting systems with the sophisticated Wired Keypad, rather than a collection of switches on every wall. All dimming, switching and load management is performed by smart lighting modules, tucked away in a panel and completely hidden from view. The Control4 Wired Keypads, often used with Panelized Lighting solutions, add style and elegance to custom lighting installations. For larger homes and commercial projects, this is the lighting solution for you.

Master control in every room

Master Room Home Automation Your kids work hard all day to turn on every light in the house. Now you can turn them all off in one touch, right from your bedside table—or even your smart phone. A “Goodnight” scene turns off all lights in the house and ensures that exterior lights are turned on to keep unwanted visitors at bay. If your little ones wake in the middle of the night, smart motion sensors will trigger a path to the bathroom or kitchen, automatically. Pre-set at 30%, the lighting path will be suitably soft and sufficient with no need to walk from room to room in order to flip a switch. Lighting can even be used for an added level of assurance. If you hear a suspicious noise, one touch of the “Panic” button activates every light in the home while flashing exterior lights.     Customize button backlighting and status LEDs with a wide range of colors that can indicate whether a light or lighting scene is on or off, if a garage door is open or closed, or if the security system is armed or not. Control4® Keypad Dimmer with Engraved Buttons

A well-lit welcomeControl4_Lifestyle_019 Home Automation

Returning home after a long day in the office? How’s this for a warm—and smart—welcome? From your car, activate a lighting path from the garage to the kitchen so you can focus on carrying in the groceries instead of fumbling for a light switch or stumbling up a stair. With the Control4® MyHome app on your iOS or Android device, one touch of the “Entry” button creates a lighting path into the kitchen and disarms the security system so entry is effortless. Or while you’re on your way home, use the MyHome app* to ensure your driveway is illuminated and ready by activating a lighting path from the front gate to the garage. Control the light and shade levels in a single room or throughout your whole home using a remote control, in-wall touch screen, portable touch screen, or even your smart phone or tablet.

Easy one-touch entertainment

Control4_Lifestyle_095 Home AutomationYour dinner guests are arriving. How about a way to quickly set the mood, giving different areas of your home unique dimension with varying levels of light to highlight your artwork and furniture? From a Control4® Portable Touch Screen, simply select “Entertain” to commence the music and establish the perfect mood lighting in the lounge. Meanwhile, select the “Movie” scene in the theater to turn off lights around the screen and lower lighting just above the theater seating so your company can settle in before the film begins. With Control4, you have the ability to customize and add new one-touch lighting scenes whenever the mood strikes, right from your own Control4® touch screen.

Illuminate the impossibly fantasticControl4_Lifestyle_082 Home Automation

Beautify the exterior of your home with a magical outdoor environment at evening time. Exterior lights for pathways, pools, and trees create incredible drama for the ultimate entertainer. Subtle patios, glittering fountains, and sculptural trees all get a boost from the lighting design of your dreams. Using an iPad with MyHome, just ignite the “Magic” in one touch of a button. Or individually control pool lighting, path lighting and accent lighting for trees and fountains. Take your lights to a new level of fabulous. Control them from anywhere in a room or even outside your home with your favorite connected smart device.

Shades of elegance—and efficiency

Control4_Lifestyle_054 Home Automation

Have a room with a beautiful view? With Control4® automation solutions, it’s easy to leverage natural light to save energy. Depending on time of day, automated shade control allows the room to be naturally illuminated during the day, using the sunlight as a source of heat, saving energy, while using overhead and lamp lighting at night. “Movie” and “Music” buttons can be used to set the perfect lighting, audio and video settings for instant entertainment. One press dims the lights, lowers the shades, and selects the correct audio and video settings to commence the movie of your choice. You choose the size and the number of buttons (up to seven) on each keypad. And be as creative as you’d like, dreaming up what they initiate in one touch!