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Drop-n-Rip Archiving:

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

All Media Systems include our unique
Drop-n-Rip™ technology. Simply insert
the Blu-ray, DVD, or CD into the system
tray – archiving starts automatically!

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Automatic Cover Art &

Rich Metadata Tagging

Once a disc is inserted – rich metadata
such as cover art, artist/track/album info
(for CDs), or plot synopsis, actor/actress
info is downloaded and the archived title
is tagged automatically!

Remote Controls png Home Automation

You’ve probably got a television, an AV receiver, a DVD/Blu-ray player, and maybe a satellite receiver or cable tuner with a DVR. You may also have a video game console (or two) and a digital media player. Most importantly, you might have a seperate remote control for every single component, and a really big coffee table to hold them all.

Control4 SR250_remote Home Automation

Control4- SR250

This powerful remote lets you control your lights, temperature, movies, shades, music and more from the palm of your hand. Control4 integrates all of your devices into one simple system so you can ditch all of your other remotes and have one truly “universal” control. Use the backlit list navigator to quickly enable commands, or use the remote to control on-screen navigation through your TV. It’s like having a 65” command screen! Custom program favorites buttons to enact your favorite control settings, or use the Watch or Listen buttons for one-touch access to your audio and video entertainment.

Ultimate Home Theater

Whether you have a dedicated theater filled with the latest technologies such as 4k and 3D projection, 7.2-channel surround sound with chest-rattling bass or just a nice HDTV mounted in your living room, automation takes movie watching to an entirely different level. Control4 automation integrates the products and services you have into one seamless, awe-inspiring experience. Just hit “Watch” and grab your snacks: your Control4 system turns on all of your devices and sets them to the right inputs, automatically. It even dims the lights just as you reach the couch.

  • Start the movie, dim the lights and set the temperature with the touch of one button.
  • Rip your digital movie collection to your favorite digital format, and access everything over the network from any room in the house.
  • Automatically raise the lights to 50% when the movie is paused so you can make that quick trip to the snack bar in safety.
  • Integrate your surround sound so the same remote that controls your movie will also adjust the volume levels during those intense action scenes, not to mention control the lights and adjust your thermostat if you feel a draft.
  • Stream movies from your favorite  player or service straight to your TV, and control it all with a single remote.
  • When someone comes to the door, automatically pause the movie and see who is there on your touch screen without ever leaving the couch.
You can transform your family room into a state-of-the-art home theater—and have the foundation for what you need to ensure your smart home can keep getting smarter. Watch TV, access your Blu-ray™/movie collection, or enjoy your entire music library using your smart phone, tablet, or an easy-to-use remote. All it takes is one tap to have the shades close, the lights fade, and the receiver kick in at the perfect volume.
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Home Theater 1c Home Automation
Home Theater 1a Home Automation

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Dune HD Smart D1

  • Dune HD Smart D1 is an all-in-one solution for up to Full HD (1080p) video playback. This media player is compact, features a built-in info display, and the possibility to install a 3.5’’ SATA HDD inside the case. Besides, it is equipped with three highspeed USB 2.0 ports, one USB Slave port, an SD memory card slot, and an eSATA port for external drives. Video outputs of the model are represented by HDMI v1.3, composite and component analog outputs. Sound can be output via HDMI, Toslink optical interface, and RCA stereo.